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A postmodern American fantasy- at a uni dorm in Madrid

I met these kids a couple of months ago when I was solo travelling through Palma. I was walking through the strip and ended up bumping into them. I never expected for them to let me into their group let alone invite me down for their birthday, a good 9 months after.

luckily the stars aligned in our favours as I was booked to film a boiler room set in Barcelona, the same weekend that neveah was turning 20. I rushed to google maps and checked the distance- only one train ride away? i HAD to go.

Fastfoward Monday morning, im absolutely hanging from the boiler room set and rushing through my travelodge, packing my bags and editing the photos- all while trying to not vomit. I got on the train and 2 hours later ended up in Madrid.

It was kinda surreal seeing everyone again. We all knew everyones lives have changed so much but it felt like nothing really did.

We raced down to sou for a dinner with friends. The restaurant -as usual - was expensive but it was still amazing nonetheless. I guess we were all trying to be like the adults we’d see in the movies- living our sex & the city fantasies on a lemonade- or daiquiri- budget.

It was nice being around people my age again. Working in industry & dropping out of uni meant that I’ve had to live two different life’s- my adult work self & my 20-something kid self.

It was as if I was transported into america. Hearing stories & sharing jokes over overpriced alcohol & chicken wings.

We ended up back & the flat, like any other uni kid. Playing drinking games & eating a fuck tonne of cake.

blacking out to the sounds of twilight playing on the tv beside us, we decided to call it a night.

The next day we ended up in the supermarkets. I had my first ever taco - which was fucking awesome- and everyone else bullied me for it.

Walking through the streets of Madrid, I really got to see everything. The melting pots of youth culture around the world combined with the heavy beats of reggaeton & fast fashion.

We ended up on a rooftop, then got drunk back at the flat. Neveah wasn’t feeling going out so we called it a boys night. I never really hung out with guys, so it was a surreal experience seeing how straight guys party. But it was fun.

We ran through the streets, bumping the metro & pissing off most of the local residents. Sneaking in flasks into the club & trying to scam a free drink from one of the tenders. I never knew how crazy Spanish clubs are compared to uk. We ended up bonding over a shit maccies at 3 am, faded & laughing about all the cigarettes & numbers we secured that night.

It pretty much felt like I was living through those coming of age movies that I’d watch as a kid.

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