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How would I explain your shift journey in one word- surreal

D&AD shift is a night school ran with Google to create & bring underground creatives into the industry with no degree.

I don’t really remember how I ended up finding out about d&ad, I think I was scrolling through instagram at 3am and I saw an advert about d&ad shift. It looked really cool. A night school with the top creatives and brands. so that I night I applied. I didn’t think they’d even look at my application but little did I know how everything would change.

We ended up in so many crazy locations, being in some of the biggest creative and advertising offices in London & seeing how the industry works. We got given three briefs. Adidas, Guinness and penguin & had to create a response to those briefs.

All in all, I’m so grateful & glad to have had this experience with d&ad! This experience has honestly been absolutely amazing and it’s been so surreal being on this program. to all my shifters who I’m graduating with… yaLLL R SO COOL OMG <<<<<<33333333

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