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@Takenbymarshall debuts with a queer melancholy love song “Leicester”

@Takenbymarshall debuts with a queer melancholy love song Leicester.

Release date: 2nd December | INDEPENDENT 


For fans of: KennyHoopla, Snail Mail, Tyler, The Creator, Clairo & Brockhampton.

Black Queer Non-Binary artist Takenbymarshall (they/them) is set to debut with a nostalgic bedroom pop midwest emo song “leicester”

A nostalgic, 90’s inspired piece of guitar pop,’leicester’ is the queer anthem takenbymarshall needed when they were a teen. They said ”leicester is a queer melancholy love song about boys I guess lol. It's the perfect doomer song. Walking through my hometown Leicester & remembering all the boys you used to simp over when you were younger.”

After going back to their hometown, they grew nostalgic towards the 2016 bedroom pop revival and the diy bedroom music inspired production. They also said ”growing up black and queer in the 10’s, you feel lost. There’s not much of a big qtpoc community in leicester so I spent most of my time online, dreaming of those days when i’d move to a bigger city. But now that I'm here, I miss those simpler days”

The ‘Leicester’ music video, directed by Andrea Lino, showcases the emotional feelings & themes of coming-of-age love and nostalgia growing up.

Leicester, is written & produced by Takenbymarshall with mastering done by Jake Chin. It will be available in all digital stores on 2nd december 2022 with the music video premiering on the same day at 17:00.

About takenbymarshall.

Takenbymarshall is a multidiscipline artist from Leicester working within art surrounding queer culture. They debuted with the hyperpop fueled song “birthday party” which played on steam radio in Manchester & DJing at venues such as Headrow House in Leeds and ForeverGood in London .

What inspires them is representation. They said “I feel that it’s such a powerful thing to see people like you in the media  & I think that’s what makes me put my whole self into everything I create. I guess my goals are to make my inner child proud. I wanna be able to create the things I wish I had as a kid and I think that’s what pushes me”

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